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Plans that scale to your business.

Start calculating asset depreciation in minutes.
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Compact Edition

For those with less than 1000 assets.


Per user per month
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Notable features:
Quick and easy set-up
Intelligent data entry wizards
Depreciation calculation for any period
Variety of pre-built depreciation methods
Flexible data export
“I use Bassets to identify and track the inventory, manage tax, and asset budgeting.”
Vijay S.

Standard Edition

Separate tiers for upto 10000, 100000, and Unlimited assets.


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Notable features:
Everything in Compact Edition, with no hard limits
Variable number of named licences
Mix-and-match from optional modules to get tailor-made solution
Bonus depreciation methods
State tax reporting
“Optional modules help me meet my needs and improve the performance too.”
Gabrielle J.

Cloud Edition

For the real ones.


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Notable features:
Everything in Standard
SaaS solution, no desktop installation needed
Variable pricing based on asset volume
Unmatched speed and efficiency
3-step depreciation process
“The best part of this tool is very easy to use and easy to navigate as it does not require much of a financial background.”
Shangrila E.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade to the Pro plan later on?
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How does the billing cycle work?
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Is there a discount for Education and Non-Profit businesses?
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Is there a feature roadmap?
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How do I extend my plan?
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How does the billing cycle work?
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