Bassets eDepreciation empowers you to calculate depreciation and generate fixed asset reports easier and more accurately than any other fixed asset system. See for yourself by joining the growing number of Bassets eDepreciation users by trying a no-obligation 30 day demo today.
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Why Bassets eDepreciation

Unmatched speed and functionality
Easy-to-use interface for business users
22 User Definable Fields with type and length customization
Accurate calculations with no rounding errors
Supports most widely used depreciation methods and first year conventions
MACRS, 40% rule validation
Luxury auto limitation
Bonus depreciation

Discover Reporting

Over 20 standard reports that can be customized to your organizations complex needs
Generate reports for past, current and future accounting periods.
Ability to export directly to Excel and also save as Crystal, Adobe PDF, Word and RTF files.
Powerful sort and selection capabilities