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Barcode Asset Inventory Control

This optional module to the Bassets Fixed Asset System enables the user to perform a physical inventory of capital assets and compare the collected inventory data with the capital asset records maintained in The Bassets Fixed Asset System.

The Bar Code module will interface with any barcode scanner capable of down loading its collected data to a PC. The module will also read any data collection database designed to suit the needs of any customer.

When the inventory data collected by the bar code scanner is processed by Bassets, the user will select one of two process options. The first option, Compare Only will compare the external data to the Bassets data files and generate an error report when the external asset information does not compare with the matching Bassets asset data or when a matching asset, either Bassets or external is not found. 

The second option, Update any Changes will compare the external and Bassets data, but will update the Bassets data record to match the external data. An error report is generated when a Bassets asset record is updated to match the external data or when a matching asset, either Bassets or external is not found.