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Case Studies

Material Service Corporation
(A General Dynamics Company)

222 North La Salle Street
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60601-1090


Material Service Corporation is engaged in the mining and sale of aggregates (stone, sand, and gravel) for use in the construction of highways and other infrastructure projects and for commercial and residential building construction. The Company currently operates 11 stone quarries, 3 sand and gravel pits, 2 mineral filler plants, and a fleet of towboats and barges that provide low cost delivery of aggregates via the Chicago and Illinois River system; annual shipments are in excess of 20 Mil. tons.

When a company has the power to move the earth, they can chose any software they want. Material Service Corporation chose Bassets to handle their heavy equipment. No other product offered them the ability to do calculations based on a true 445 calendar and depreciate equipment based on units of production.


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