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Case Studies

City of Wintergarden
251 West Plant Street
Wintergarden, FL 34787-2769


It's easy to see why Winter Garden is "A Great Place to Live." On any given day a stroll down Plant Street will uncover a slice of small-town life at its best. In the heart of the downtown, one can see the successful efforts of redevelopment - quaint stores, restaurants, and the West Orange Trail all enhance the charm and quality of life of this small West Orange County community. Consisting of approximately 17 square miles and a population of 18,301, Winter Garden is well on its way to becoming a premier Florida community.

As the City of Winter Garden continued to grow, the need for tracking their fixed assets and being GASB 34 compliant became difficult. That is when Winter Garden turned to Bassets for help. Bassets provides a simple interface and detailed reports to easily calculate the cityís depreciation. The City of Winter Garden is know for itís quality of life, just like Bassets is known for itís quality software.


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